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Using revolutionary biomimetic design principles and patented electronics, Ceryx created a range of smart bioelectronic devices that speak the same language as the human body. When integrated seamlessly into the body’s homeostatic systems, these special medical devices are able to interpret physiologic signals and generate a natural response in real-time, simulating the body’s natural functions. This treatment can be used to restore normal function in heart failure, as well as other conditions including hypertension, spinal cord injuries and endocrine disorders such as diabetes.

With five years of rigorous laboratory testing and pre-clinical evaluations already under its belt, Ceryx’s technology has the potential to treat some of the world’s deadliest diseases.

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Background Information

Fundamental science behind our work

  • What is Bioelectronics?

What is Bioelectronics?

Bioelectronics is a branch of electronics that deals with electronic devices, implants, etc. used in medicine and biological research.

Ceryx have developed a technology that recreates biological systems using analogue electronics. Cell membranes, ion channels and action potentials are recreated using analogue circuitry enabling the system to interpret signals directly with the body in real-time and generate realistic, biological output signals. These artificial neurons are then combined into neural networks which mimic neural structures called central pattern generators (CPGs) which the body uses to control processes ranging from walking to swallowing to breathing. By creating artificial CPGs, Ceryx’s devices could be used to restore function where these processes have been impaired by disease or injury.

Our Innovation

Implementing smart bioelectronics 

Ceryx Medical are the revolutionary business behind a unique bioelectronic technology that could change the way diseases such as heart failure are treated.

Employing cutting edge biomimetic design principles and patented electronics, Ceryx have created a range of smart bioelectronic medical devices that speak the same language as the human body. Ceryx is using this technology to create a range of devices.

Advantages of our technology

  • Real-time analysis of biological signals
  • Generates physiological signals
  • Enables closed-loop medical devices
  • Allows control of complex biological functions

Future Applications


How Ceryx Can Help

Spinal Cord Injuries 

How Ceryx Can Help

The Team

Meet people behind the science

Chas Taylor


Serial entrepreneur in the Medical Device industry specialising in the CardioVascular space. Founded and exited Veryan, Novate and MedNova, raising capital totalling > £100 million from private investors, VC funds and venture debt.

Stuart Plant 


Stuart has spent his career discovering and developing innovative science. Beginning at GE Healthcare and most recently with IP Group where he spent 8 years hand picking the most exciting technologies emerging from UK, US, Australian and New Zealand Universities. Stuart has a PhD in Biomedical engineering from Nottingham University.

Graham Fisher


Previously Managing Director of France Telecom R&D UK Ltd and held senior engineering positions with Orange, T Mobile/Mercury One2One and Thorn EMI Central Research Ltd.

Professor Julian Paton


Professor of Translational Physiology and Director of Manaaki Mānawa The Heart Research Centre. Julian has 32 years of integrative physiology experience that has led to paradigm shifts in the understanding of the circulation in heart failure and hypertension. He has won numerous prestigious national and international prizes, has 362 publications, >15,000 citations and a h index of 65.

Professor Alain Nogaret


Alain is Professor of Condensed Matter Physics at Bath and founder of Ceryx Medical.  He has designed a wide range of quantum and nonlinear devices over 28 years including the central pattern generator at the heart of Ceryx Medical and biomimetic solid-state neurons & networks.

Ashok Chauhan

Senior Scientist

Dr Chauhan is an experimental physicist who has studied electronics and physical neural networks for over a decade. He specialises in the use of hardware and simulation techniques to translate theoretical concepts into unique devices for biomedical applications.

The Research

Published papers by Ceryx Medical

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Latest News

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Innovation Award

Ceryx Medical receives a Business Start-Up Award for developing a unique bioelectronic technology that could change the way diseases such as heart failure are treated

Institute of Physics Award

Ceryx Medical receives a Business Start-Up Award for developing a unique bioelectronic technology that could change the way diseases such as heart failure are treated

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