Technology for Heart Failure


Cysoni, meaning synchronisation in Welsh, has been created specifically to help patients with heart failure. Cysoni continuously monitors the patient’s cardiorespiratory system, processing this information and generating precisely timed impulses which optimise the beating of the heart. Cysoni has the potential to restore cardiac performance; thus impacting heart failure symptoms; boost physical performance, relieve stress on the heart and even reverse cardiac remodelling indicative of heart failure, all of which goes towards improving the patient’s quality of life. 

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The Science

Physiological Signalling in the Heart 

In a healthy body the heart and the lungs are linked, their function is co-ordinated to maximise performance. The heart and lungs receive multiple inputs which influence their function, for example, stress, both physical and emotional stimulates an increase in heart rate and respiration. Both organs are continuously responding to the needs of the body. Despite these constant demands communication between the organs is maintained such that the two work together to maximise cardiorespiratory efficiency. In diseases such as heart failure this communication between the heart and lungs is disrupted thus reducing their performance. Ceryx can restore the natural patterns of communication between the heart and lungs, improve cardiac function and bring significant therapeutic benefit to patients with cardiac diseases such as heart failure.

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The Innovation

Implementing Smart Bioelectronics 

Ceryx have developed a technology that recreates biological systems using analogue electronics. Cell membranes, ion channels and action potentials are recreated using analogue circuitry enabling the system to interpret signals directly with the body in real-time and generate realistic, biological output signals. These artificial neurons are then combined into neural networks which mimic neural structures called central pattern generators (CPGs) which the body uses to control processes ranging from walking to swallowing to breathing. By creating artificial CPGs, Ceryx’s devices could be used to restore function where these processes have been impaired by disease or injury.

Cysoni continuously monitors the patient’s lungs, tracking the phases of the respiratory cycle. The device then processes this information and generates precisely timed impulses which resynchronises beating of the heart with the respiratory cycle.

Advantages of Cysoni

Restores Cardiac Performance

Ejection fraction, cardiac output etc. and thus impacts symptoms of heart failure such as breathlessness and exhaustion

Improves Quality of Life

Boosts physical performance, reducing symptoms and improving quality of life

Takes Care of the Heart

Relieves stress on the heart and allows the reversal of cardiac remodelling indicative of heart failure

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