The team at Ceryx Medical are developing prototypes of artificial central pattern generator systems to improve cardiac performance.

Working in partnership with the Auckland Bioengineering Institute in New Zealand, clinical evaluations of the cardiac rhythm management device are now underway with a prototype device being used in a preclinical model of heart failure.

Having demonstrated the impact of the device on cardiac performance we can now show how these changes affect the symptoms of heart failure, clinical markers of the severity of the disease and the underlying tissue pathology.

The Ceryx device looks like a standard cardiac pacemaker but its enhanced technology means that it can gently modulate the heart in real-time. This is crucial because as we age and/or develop cardiovascular diseases our nervous system loses its ability to accurately control and co-ordinate the cardiovascular system resulting in loss of function and efficiency.
Importantly, Ceryx’s revolutionary technology represents a platform for a new generation of medical devices that mimic control structures within the body. Unlike any other medical device on the market, our devices operate in a manner which replicates the way in which the body behaves.