The Team

Founding Academic Partners / Directors

Prof Alain Nogaret is the inventor of the artificial Central Pattern Generator technology at the heart of Ceryx Medical. He is a physicist with diverse research interests applications including the realisation of neural networks that compute temporal trains of discrete action potentials or ‘spikes’.

Professor Julian Paton has 30 years cardiovascular research experience and has published extensively in the cardiovascular field with a current research focus on the mechanisms of neurogenic hypertension.

Additional Board Directors

Dr Stuart Plant is Director of New Business and Partnerships at IP Group Plc. He has a background in medical diagnostics and medical research and innovation translation.

Andrew Wilson is the Research Commercialisation Manager for the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Bristol.

Dr Philip Brown is an experienced life sciences Research Commercialisation Manager at the University of Bath who led the spin out from the University of Bath and its subsequent evolution and growth.

Technical Team

Ed Lander is a Research Associate and one of the team undertaking prototype development and trials support for Ceryx Medical’s bioelectronic devices. Ed has previously held design roles at Imagination Technologies and Microsemi Corporation.

Paul Curzons is leading analogue design and prototype optimisation activities- drawing on many years’ experience in disciplines ranging from manufacturing improvement to FPGA design.

Project Management

Graham Fisher is providing project management and ad-hoc technical assistance to Ceryx Medical.

Other Collaborators

University of Auckland. Building on long term links between the academic team and the Department of Physiology, Ceryx Medical is pleased to be working with the University of Auckland.